NEIL, located in Wilmington, Delaware, insures domestic and international nuclear utilities for the costs associated with interruptions, damages, decontamination and related nuclear risks. NEIL was founded in 1973 with the formation of Nuclear Mutual Limited (NML) in Bermuda. NML was formed by a group of US electric utilities as an alternative to the commercial nuclear insurance market. NEIL was formed in 1980 to issue excess property and accidental outage policies to complement the policies being issued by NML. In 1988, the Company moved its operations from Bermuda to Wilmington, Delaware, and, in 1997, NML was merged into NEIL. In 1999, the Company expanded operations by launching Overseas NEIL Limited in Dublin, Ireland.

Summary of Member Policies:
The Primary Property and Decontamination Liability Insurance Policy, known as the NEIL Primary Policy, has a maximum limit of $500 million.

The NEIL I Accidental Outage Insurance Policy, known as the NEIL I Policy, has a maximum limit of liability of $490 million per unit insured.

The Decontamination Liability, Decommissioning Liability and Excess Property Insurance Policy, known as the NEIL II Policy, has a maximum limit of $2.25 billion per site.

NEIL Provides Nuclear Insurance or Reinsurance Coverage in:
• North America
• Europe
• Asia
• Africa

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Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited

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Overseas NEIL Limited

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