Members' Representatives

David J. Armstrong
Corporate Risk Manager, CM-2
Bonneville Power Administration

Ross P. Barkhurst
President & C.E.O.
Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power

Thomas W. Bennet
Vice President & C.F.O.
Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company

John R. Biggar
Executive Vice President & C.F.O.
PPL Corporation

Jerre E. Birdsong
Vice President & Treasurer

Robert C. Boada
Southern California Edison Company

James C. Boll, Jr., Esq.
Corporate Attorney
Madison Gas & Electric Company

Francis J. Boyle
Sr. Vice President, Finance &
Central Vermont Public
Service Corporation

Raul A. Carrillo
General Counsel
El Paso Electric Company

E. Lynn Cook
Asst. Treasurer & Director of C&R
Western Resources, Inc.

Dennis DaPra
Vice President & Controller
CMS Energy Corporation

Peter A. Darbee
Senior Vice President, C.F.O.
& Treasurer
PG&E Corporation

Moray P. Dewhurst
Senior Vice President Finance & C.F.O.
FPL Group

Marcie L. Edwards
Public Utilities General Manager
City of Anaheim

William F. Edwards
Senior Vice President & C.F.O.
Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation

Kip M. Fox
Vice President, Risk Management
Tennessee Valley Authority

Joan S. Freilich
Executive Vice President & C.F.O.
Consolidated Edison, Inc.

Chris N. Froggatt
V.P. & Controller
Pinnacle West Capital Corporation

Frank W. Getman Jr., Esq.
President & C.E.O.
Baycorp Holdings, Ltd.

Edward M. Gleason
Vice President, Treasurer
& Corporate Secretary
Alliant Energy

Keith D. Hartje
Senior Vice President
MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company

Harold L. Haun, Esq.
Vice President of Administration
& General Counsel
Kansas Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

G. Scott Hetzer
Senior Vice President & Treasurer
Dominion Energy, Inc.

Don Hroch
Risk Manager
Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Robert Johnston
President & C.E.O.
MEAG Power

Mark Keogh
Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation

Nick Khouri
Managing Director of Corporate Finance
& Assistant Treasurer
DTE Energy

William (Hank) Koegel, Esq.
Managing Attorney
Kansas City Power & Light Company

Charles P. Lewis
Vice President
AmerGen Energy Company, LLC

Florence K. Mangan
Vice President Business Services
STP Nuclear Operating Company

Kevin B. Marsh
Senior Vice President, Finance, C.F.O.
& Controller

Richard H. Marsh, CFA
Vice President, Finance
FirstEnergy Corporation

Robert K. McDonald
Vice President, Risk Management
Exelon Corporation

Edward J. McIntyre
Vice President & C.F.O.
Xcel Energy

John R. McPhail, Esq.
General Counsel
Nebraska Public Power District

J. Gary Meggs
Director, Risk Management
Southern Company

Michael Morris
Chairman, President & C.E.O.
Northeast Utilities

Anthony Nozzolillo
Sr. Vice President, Finance
KeySpan Energy Corporation

Stephen G. Olson, Esq.
General Counsel
Fraser Stryker Vaughn Meusey Olson
Boyer & Bloch, P.C.

Armando A. Pena
Senior Vice President, Finance,
Treasurer & C.F.O.
American Electric Power
Service Corporation

Morton A. Plawner
Vice President & Treasurer

William R. Powell
Manager, Risk Management Department
Salt River Project

William J. Real
Executive Vice President, Power
Production and Energy Resources

Philip S. Reese
(Vice President & Treasurer, Conectiv)
Atlantic City Electric Company

E. Follin Smith
Senior Vice President & C.F.O.
Constellation Energy Group

Thomas R. Sullivan
Executive Director & Treasurer
Progress Energy, Inc.

Peter B. Tinkham
Executive Vice President
TXU Corp.

C. Jeffery Triplette
Assistant Treasurer, Risk
Duke Energy Corporation

Alec van den Abeele
Director Insurance & Real Estate
Tractebel S.A.

Jeffrey P. West
Wisconsin Energy Corporation

Michael L. Wilson
Director, Risk Management
Entergy Services, Inc.

Barth J. Wolf, Esq.
Secretary & Manager, Legal Services
WPS Resources Corporation