Keeping Our Commitments

NEIL’s Nuclear Claims Totals since 1973
Number of claims filed: 255
Number of claims paid: 126

Total amount paid on claims: $818 million
• $564 million paid under Primary Property policies
• $254 million paid under Accidental Outage policies
• $0 paid under Excess Property policies

Cumulative Loss Ratio: 19%

NEIL’s Top Five Nuclear Claims
1. $183 million–
1993 Fermi Turbine/Generator
2. $144 million–
1992 Turkey Point Hurricane Damage
3. $103 million–
1982 St. Lucie Thermal Shield and Core Barrel Damage
4. $88 million–
1991 Salem Turbine/Generator
5. $53 million paid to date–
2001 San Onofre Turbine/Generator

Enhancing Loss Control
Nuclear Mutual Limited
April 1972 Inaugural NML EAC Meeting
December 1972 Property Loss Prevention Standards Adopted
April 1973 Property Loss Prevention Program Implementation Plan Adopted
February 1975 Inspection Contractor Performance Evaluation Program Implemented
June 1975 Boiler & Machinery Inspection Requirements & Specifications Adopted
February 1981 Boiler & Machinery Loss Prevention Standards Adopted

Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited
July 1980 Inaugural NEIL EAC Meeting
June 1981 Accidental Outage Property Loss Control Standards Adopted
June 1981 Fire Rate Analysis Credit Program Adopted
June 1982 Natural Hazards Credit Program Adopted
June 1982 Spare Components Credit Program Adopted
June 1983 Shutdown Credit Procedures Adopted
August 1985 EAC Publishes Initial NEIL Members Information Manual
June 1986 Plant Operations Credit Program Adopted
June 1988 Accidental Outage Boiler and Machinery Loss Control Standards and Credit Program Adopted
June 1989 Adverse Condition Reporting Requirements Adopted
June 1990 NEIL/NML Begins Building In-House Loss Control Staff
August 1994 First Annual Plant Contact Workshop Conducted
April 1997 NML and NEIL EACs Merged Into Single Committee
June 1999 Primary Property and Accidental Outage Loss Control Standards and Requirements Merged