Member Insureds

Member Representatives

Board of Directors & Principal Officers

David J. Armstrong
Corporate Risk Manager, CM-2
Bonneville Power Administration

Thomas W. Bennet
Vice President & C.F.O.
Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company

John R. Biggar
Executive Vice President & C.F.O.
PPL Corporation

Jerre E. Birdsong
Vice President & Treasurer

Robert C. Boada
Southern California Edison Company

James C. Boll, Jr.
Corporate Attorney
Madison Gas & Electric Company

Francis J. Boyle
Sr. Vice President, Finance &
Central Vermont Public
Service Corporation

Raul A. Carrillo
General Counsel
El Paso Electric Company

Peter A. Darbee
Senior Vice President, C.F.O.
& Treasurer
PG&E Corporation

Moray P. Dewhurst
Senior Vice President, Finance & C.F.O.
FPL Group

Marcie L. Edwards
Public Utilities General Manager
City of Anaheim

Charles N. Eldred
Chief Financial Officer
Omaha Public Power District

Thomas P. Evans
Public Utilities Director
City of Riverside

Roger J. Flynn
Executive Vice President & C.O.O.
Public Service Company of New Mexico

Kip M. Fox
Vice President, Risk Management
Tennessee Valley Authority

Joan S. Freilich
Executive Vice President & C.F.O.
Consolidated Edison, Inc.

Chris N. Froggatt
V.P. & Controller
Pinnacle West Capital Corporation

Greg A. Greenwood
Westar Energy

Tom Hanson
Vice President & Treasurer
Alliant Energy Corporation

Keith D. Hartje
Senior Vice President
MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company

Harold L. Haun
Vice President of Administration
& General Counsel
Kansas Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

G. Scott Hetzer
Senior Vice President & Treasurer
Dominion Energy, Inc.

Don Hroch
Risk Manager
Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Robert Johnston
President & C.E.O.
MEAG Power

Michael J. Kelleher
Vice President
National Grid USA

Richard C. Kelly
Vice President & C.F.O.
Xcel Energy, Inc.

Nick Khouri
Managing Director of Corporate Finance
& Assistant Treasurer
DTE Energy

William (Hank) Koegel
Managing Attorney
Kansas City Power & Light Company

James G. Lathers
Director, Risk Management
Sempra Energy

Charles P. Lewis
Vice President
AmerGen Energy Company, LLC

Frank H. Mallen
General Manager, Financial Support
STP Nuclear Operating Company

Kevin B. Marsh
Senior Vice President, Finance, C.F.O.
& Controller

Richard H. Marsh
Vice President, Finance
FirstEnergy Corporation

Robert K. McDonald
Vice President, Risk Management
Exelon Corporation

John R. McPhail
General Counsel
Nebraska Public Power District

J. Gary Meggs
Director, Risk Management
Southern Company

Michael G. Morris
Chairman, President & C.E.O.
Northeast Utilities

Anthony Nozzolillo
Sr. Vice President, Finance
KeySpan Energy Corporation

Morton A. Plawner
Vice President & Treasurer

William R. Powell
Manager, Risk Management Department
Salt River Project

Philip S. Reese
(Vice President & Treasurer, Conectiv)
Atlantic City Electric Company

John G. Russell
President & C.E.O., Electric
Consumers Energy Company

E. Follin Smith
Senior Vice President & C.F.O.
Constellation Energy Group

Scott N. Smith
Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Officer
American Electric Power

Thomas R. Sullivan
Executive Director & Treasurer
Progress Energy, Inc.

Joseph J. Syta
Comptroller & Treasurer
Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation

Peter B. Tinkham
Executive Vice President
TXU Corp.

C. Jeffery Triplette
Assistant Treasurer, Risk
Duke Energy Corporation

Alec van den Abeele
Director, Corporate Insurance Division
Tractebel S.A.

Jeffrey P. West
Wisconsin Energy Corporation

Bruce W. Wiggett
Vermont Yankee Nuclear
Power Corporation

Michael L. Wilson
Director, Risk Management
Entergy Services, Inc.

Barth J. Wolf
Secretary & Manager, Legal Services
WPS Resources Corporation